Character is not created with a single act, no matter how brilliant or bold. It is forged in the smallest of struggles, the product of a thousand, thousand strokes. Your tool for carving your character’s template lies, in the words of the poet Robert Lowell, within your ‘peculiar power to choose.’ Ultimately, it is the choice of the fundamental over the frivolous, preferring what is true over what’s accepted, the choosing of what is right over what is easy.

— Gary Brochu (President, Berlin, CT Board of Education) Commencement Speech, 2012

Through the lens of character, this site will try to lend a unique perspective to current affairs, help to hold accountable those responsible for harmful actions, and simultaneously encourage the rest of us (myself included) to consciously and consistently tend to who we are.

Unless otherwise noted, the research and writing on this site is mine—Virginia Murr (aka: philosophy nerd with a penchant for patterns). Citations and attributions are given where applicable.


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